In my early post-college years a few select friends, Sam and Pete, shared the same interests that I did ñ older women and poker. We started going out on Thursday nights to a certain bar that would usually have women in their 40ís recently divorced or single for other reasons. We called it 40ís night. We would usually hit the bar around 8 pm, after the gym and after a few beers. Some nights were dead; others were a bit more exciting. On this one particular night we ran into three other women, Dawn, Melissa and Kelly. Melissa was sporting a t-shirt that said ìDouble Dî scrawled on with a sharpie marker. First instincts were, I guess she must want someone to ask. Thinking it had to do with her anatomy we headed over to strike up a conversation. Turns out the Double D, meant Delightfully Divorced, not what we were thinking. best cricket games

Melissa and a few pals were out celebrating her recent divorce which happened to be finalized that day. After exchanging pleasantries and drinking until closing with them, they asked where we were headed too. My on again ñ off again girlfriend was at our house (I was with Sam and Pete for moral support) and Sam was living with his Aunt so those two places were out of the picture. Peteís girlfriend was out of town visiting her parents and was not due back until the next morning, so we headed there.

After bringing out the good stuff to drink and the poker case and chips, the suggestion of a friendly game of strip poker came up. All agreed it was just for fun. Well after several hours of drinking and poker, we found ourselves down to our boxers and Melissaís interesting Double D shirt draped over a chair. The girls were actually playing, while the rest of us did a lot of staring. At about 3:00 in the morning there was a jiggling at the front door, then a gasp, then a scream. Peteís girlfriend had gotten in early and wanted to surprise him the next day. She was hoping to climb into bed and have him wake up to her smiling face.

Instead she was treated to several half naked women along with her almost naked boyfriend. After that night, my on again ñ off again girlfriend got a call and became my never again girlfriend. And Pete, well, Pete ended up having to go to the emergency room to get some reconstructive work done on his little Pete.